Nudies’ Render Behind The Scenes

Base Render

+ Decor
Base + Decor

+ Ambient and Spot Lighting
Base + Decor + Lighting

+ Theatrical Lighting & Atmospheric Effects
Base + Decor + Lighting + Atmosphere

+ Party People
Base + Decor + Lighting + Atmosphere + People = Final Render

There’s a lot of work that goes into producing a rendering beyond creating the 3D Model. Some studios will build everything into the 3D environment. I find it quicker and easier to make adjustments and creative decisions on the fly in Photoshop.

  • The first image is the base rendering, also known as the “raw render”. It is what the computer generates straight out of the rendering engine.
  • The second image sees the ceilings modified and the murals and other decor added.
  • The third image receives both ambient and spot lighting, showcasing the memorabilia and providing visual interest.
  • The fourth image is energized by theatrical lights and other atmospheric effects, but it’s still lacking.
  • The final image is brought to life by the addition of several dozen scale figures who have shown up for a memorable Nashville Night.

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