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Need meets solution in serendipitous fashion. A non-profit arts education organization in Smyrna, TN, has a building needing rehab in a neighborhood poised to become the artistic epicenter of town. It is headed by visionaries who longed to convey their dream to the public.

Meanwhile, having recently moved into the community and wanting to get our family more involved with the arts, my wife reached out to Carpe Artista via Facebook. She mentioned my visualization capabilities as an aside, unaware of their need. A few months and missed messages later (thanks, FB!) we were finally connected.

Sharing their inspirations for the renovation and being receptive to my ideas, the founders and I developed the concept seen here. Carpe Artista’s vision is larger than just a renovated building. They hope to be the start of a reinvigorated town center – a cultural and recreational destination.

"You've done an excellent job capturing the excitement that could be on that corner and I believe this rendering will be a good asset to helping people see what we have been envisioning for many years. Thank you for being a part of bringing this vision to fruition. "
- Susan Gulley - Carpe Artista COO

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