Hamilton & Martin

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Remick Moore contacted me about producing a few images for a new residential development he designed. He’s personally a fan of the more loose and conceptual renderings that have come to exemplify the JDZYN style.

However, he was informed last minute that the developer was looking for an image like those produced by a certain hyper-realistic visualization guy in Minnesota. Since I had already spent time modelling and texturing everything, I was given the go-ahead to produce one image, with the expectation that the project would likely be given to others.

I would say this other VizGuy is one of the best in the industry; I’ve been amazed by his work ever since I discovered him a few years ago. Sad as it would be, losing work to him would be understandable, an honor even. That said, being the underdog in this scenario, I pulled out all the stops and threw in some new moves. The first image met the new stringent requirements, thus I was cleared to render two more.

Remick Moore, Architect AIA / LEED AP
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