Residential Development Concept

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A developer who had seen my previous work around town called me up to express a desire to work together.

They had an engineered site layout with basic building footprints but needed a concept designed and illustrated for a meeting two weeks away. Armed with a few photos of similar projects they liked and a bit of programmatic direction, I began the task of developing the elevations. Because of a compressed schedule and the fact that I already had a couple other projects on my plate, I enlisted the help of a colleague to model the site.

Good thing, too. Just after the design was approved, I was informed that the meeting had been bumped up and the images were needed a bit earlier than planned — that is, tomorrow!

No problem. One all-nighter later, and the work was done with time to spare.

"[This design] is definitely what we're looking for! [The renders] look awesome. Thank you!"
- G. Danylov

J•D•ZŸN Studio
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